Exercise : Ethics And Ethics

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Name: Richara Hughley
Exercise Number: 2.3 & 2.4
Exercise Theory Name: Deontology & Teleology
Ethical theories are rooted in the previously explicated ethical principles. These theories each lay emphasis on a variety of features of an ethical dilemma and bring about the most morally accurate solution in accordance with the guidelines of each of the ethical theories. The society normally bases its personal choices of ethical theory on each person’s life experiences. Ethics can be referred to as well-based standards of knowing what is right and wrong which prescribe what human beings should do when it comes to fairness, benefits to society, obligations, rights and identify virtues (Tännsjö, 2013 23-36). Ethical theories direct virtues of loyalty, compassion and honesty. The following paper shall discuss about the roles of ethical theories, explaining each concept in detail.
To begin with, the following paper shall discuss about the theory of deontology. In accordance with the deontological theory, people should abide by their duties and obligations during their analyses on ethical dilemmas. This signifies that any individual is supposed to follow his or her duties to other individuals or the society in general since supporting an individual’s obligation is regarded as ethically correct (Hooker, 2012 191-203). For example, a deontologist will at all times be true to his promises to a certain friend and will therefore abide by the rules. A person who is
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