Exercise Intensity

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Energy source differ during exercise intensity’s, The recognition of both dietary fat and carbohydrate (CHO) as substrates for energy metabolism during exercising, and how contribution of both substrates to power production can be influenced by individual training status, exercise intensity and pre-exercise diet and the comparative hormonal milieu during exercise, glycogen being the stored form of CHO in the muscles, while lipids stored in adipose tissue around the body, a combination of both sources of energy are used during exercise, at intensities of 60-70% max heart rate the main energy source are fats, as intensity increased a shift from fats to CHO occurs, the body has a limiting amount of carbohydrate that can be stored in the muscles, so high intensity work can only be sustained for short periods of time. The body has a larger supply of fat stores so low intensity work can be…show more content…
Research shows at high relative intensities, exercise power output is more influential in determining the balance of substrate oxidation than either training status or nutritional state (Bergman et al.,1999), suggesting that pre CHO feeding may have increase glycogen stores, which allows for a greater CHO oxidation from muscle glycogen during exercise. Boosted glycogen stores may be depleted after 2 h of exercise, causing a similar substrate utilization relationships between compensated and fasted conditions. Furthermore, continued insulin-like effects post meal may see elevate RER values, even when insulin concentration have recovered to basal values, which may decrease after 1 h of exercise, resulting in similar substrate utilization compared with the fasting state (Goedecke et al.,
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