Exercise On Slavery

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What emotions do you feel while listening to this song? The song shows a person trying to be free, and make me feel sad and the same time confused. What this person made wrong to be in this kind of prison.

What other events or experiences does this song make you think about? Why man is so ambitious in point of try to control another human being to fulfill his needs. The person is trying to go back to home but is slaved for the needs to who own him.

What story do the lyrics tell? Describe. The lyrics describe the life of a man who fill he live as a king, a free person. This person have everything, but one day he was betrayed, and took away from his freedom, his land. His life after that was a misery, no food, no respect, no joy. But one
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Are there any lyrics in the song that you did not understand or know what they meant? Which? No, the message was real clear, the person was a slave, so how he was took from his reality to turn upside down. No answer are give to him, or no question, are you what to come? They just closed the door to his natural life, turning to something he don’t understand.

What does the mood of the song tell you about how the artist wants the listeners to think about slavery? Slavery is something no one deserve, because you are taking his rights. Those a matter what is, you don't have the rights to control his life to fulfill someone needs.

Who do you think is the intended audience for this song? Explain. To everybody. There is no specific one. You don't own a person, you ma,e a
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One day he is going back to his life. Life, were he is free to do what he enjoy and be free. He’s try to convey that every person is free, disregard the color, sex, religion or anything.

Why is the message of this song still valid today? YES! 100% is valid today. We still bonded to are needs, to are sins. We always going to try to control others, disregarded to anything. One of the most problems today are the human traffic.

If you could ask the artist a question about the lyrics, what would you ask and why? I like to know if, how he fill when he wrote the lyric, he is thinking only on the moment or he is thinking in the future generations?

How does this song relate to the social or cultural climate at the time it was written? I think have the same reaction to my time. We still have the same social and cultural problems today. Today we have the political and social fighting on for trying to help those people in the same situation. I know is not a local problem, we can see is a global epidemic situation.

What is the value of music with historical/political/social messages? Let's put our hands together, and help those that want to go back home. Back to their life and
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