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Exercise Program The purpose of the programme is to see how my fitness level now relates to my fitness level at the end of my programme, after I have trained and done both skills and fitness activities in relation to my sport, netball. First of all I need to test my fitness at the moment I will do this by going various tests, which I have stated below. My fitness level at present is average. I can cope with the day to day demands of everyday life. During the week I: Ø Walk to and from school everyday which consists of a ½ mile walk which takes me about 10-15 minutes. Ø I do 3 PE lessons a week, 2 GCSE and 1 core lesson. Ø I go swimming every fortnight once in a week for up to 1-2 hours…show more content…
The multistage fitness test, tests the cardiovascular system as the heart and lungs need to keep supplying oxygen in the bloodstream to the body to provide the energy needed to sustain the physical movement. This is important because without any cardiovascular endurance the game wouldn't be played properly. The multistage fitness test is an easy way to find out a fitness level. A netball player such as my self should be on a level 9 and above. If the player has high skill levels but has no cardiovascular endurance it will be no use to them as they won't be able to keep up with the demands of the sport. For example a game lasts up to 40 minutes maximum; the times are different for each age group. Junior games last 10-12 minutes each way.(year 7) Senior games lasts 15 minutes each way (years 9/10) this is at school times, factors do effect how long a game lasts such as travelling. For 16 years and older the game is played a bit more differently and to set rules: The intervals are 1 minute for each quarter, out of for time the break lasts 3 minutes. The game usually lasts up to 40-45 minutes long. This is an example of progression each stage goes higher in netball so the game is longer, and the rest periods are shorter as you become older this is because when we are younger we have a lower fitness level and cant keep up with the demands of the sport when say the duration of the
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