Exercise, Sleep, And Sleep

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Physical health can be very difficult to maintain when life get busy and crazy. Sometimes it feels like we start to create a really healthy routine but then we can start to compromise our schedule for other commitments. Looking at my daily routine, how I eat, exercise, sleep, manage stress has helped me see how I can be more productive. My daily routine is constantly changing depending on my class schedule and work schedule. In the last month I have begun to work two jobs as well as take 18- units. So in all honesty my personal care has decreased. In this section I will look in-depth at how I eat, exercise, sleep, manage stress, and which areas I can improve on. Eating healthy can be a source a stress for me. I have a 15 meal-plan for the café because I live on campus which helps me to stay eating more often and healthy. I definitely need to make breakfast more consistent in my week. The Shack has actually served as a really healthy and convenient way for me to improve my eating habits. Dinner is probably the area where I need the most improvement. I often work at 4:45-11:30. My dinner generally looks like fast-food on the go as I move from one place to the next. Sometimes, even after 10 or 11 at night when I get off on the way home. I am usually so exhausted that I do not want to come how and cook. The one thing that I have been trying to do is make better courses. For example, instead of chicken nuggets for McDonalds I will opt for a protein style burger from In-n-Out. I
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