Exercise. Why I Want To Know. Have You Ever Wondered How

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Exercise Why I Want to Know Have you ever wondered how much exercise you need to get maximum benefits? And what exactly type of activity/exercise do you need to be doing? I chose this topic simply because I, myself, have been recently pondering how much exercise I need. I started consistently working out in January. I go to the Great Life gym either in Hartford or in Sioux Falls. I’ve discovered when I workout, I am a much happier person. My mood and energy level improve all around. However, I don’t want to be pushing my body too hard. So how much exercise do I need weekly? Am I doing the correct exercises making sure to not strain my body? What I already know I know that exercise should be a very important part of everyone’s daily…show more content…
I tried using the keywords exercise and benefits. I quickly realized this needed to be narrowed down. So I used the keywords exercise, benefits, and weekly. About 30 articles came up. It didn’t take me long before I found the perfect article. I read through the article and realized this is exactly the information I need. I then exported the article into EasyBib and continued on with my search. I continued using EBSCO database. I tried using the keywords fitness, mental and benefits. Again, I realized I needed to narrow down my search. Four hundred different articles had come up. I narrowed my search down by using moderate exercise, mental, and benefits. EBSCO provided me with 27 different articles. I found one that would work perfectly for my research. While reading through this article, I noticed a word I didn’t recognize. I quickly used the dictionary built in on my computer to look up the word “adjunct.” I learned this word means a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part. Next, I switched my database to Proquest. I used the keywords weekly, benefits, mental, and exercise. When I searched the keywords, Proquest provided me with 56 articles. I read through each carefully to find one that matched my topic. In the article I chose to use, researchers tested a group of students. They recorded mood and anxiety levels before and after the workout. The students exercised at different paces and for different amounts of
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