Essay on Exercise and Aging: A Qualitative Correlation

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In 1523 the Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon made an extensive voyage to a new world in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth. He never found it. Although many years have passed since Ponce de Leon made his infamous trip, the idea of mythical youth is still very much alive in our culture. We desire to actually act and feel youthful. Physical exercise is the only action a person can take to not only feel young but to physiologically slow the aging process.

This paper will present studies indicating the affect exercise has on the human body and how it is useful in keeping us at our optimum physical and mental health. For now, aging is inevitable. Physiologically, we age because individual cells are preprogrammed to overwork and then
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Dr. Evans found that strength training can increase muscle function by 200 to 300 percent. "We can make a 95-year-old as strong as a 50-year-old person, and a 64-year-old as physically fit as a healthy 30-year-old," Evans said. "And if there are no underlying disorders, mental sharpness is retained." What's more, after participating in Dr. Evans study, a few of the more frail of these senior body builders were able to shed their wheelchairs.
In addition to strength training, aerobic exercise can vastly improve the health of seniors. Only 9% of Americans over age 65 do some form of regular exercise, according to Dr. Xakellis, of the University of Iowa College of Medicine. Studies have shown that sedentary people run twice the risk of heart disease as active people. Coronary artery disease accounts for almost half of all death in the US. The proper aerobic exercise-at any age-increases strength, keeps blood pressure down and increases bone mass. Not to mention that by burning 3,500 calories a week, the risk of early death can be reduced by 50%, says Muscle and Fitness Magazine. My level of preference is to burn this number of calories through workouts daily or at a minimum of 1,000 calories a day. With exercise and proper care, seniors (65+) no longer need to be pushed in a wheelchair; they'll be too busy deciding whether to go scuba diving or white-water rafting.

Not too long ago, serious runners stopped competing past their prime

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