Exercise and Tips for Healthy Living

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teenagers to adults). The first part of the e-book, will focus on burning and losing fat or unnecessary weight. Many can relate to how devastating their lives have been to be overweight or obese, especially teenagers. The primary impact of following my e-book, is losing weight, but there are more benefits than just that. Being fat can cause someone to have low self-esteem, be ridiculed, not have enough energy to accomplish tasks, and cause negative self-image. Being fat is undesirable and unappealing. During teen years, those who are obese feel left out, and even bullied. Adults who happen to be overweight, feel exhausted quite easily and envious of those who are fit, leading to an uncomfortable life. By following the exercises and tips in my e-book, results will be indefinite. Sprinting 100 meters, cycling, drinking water etc. are all productive, and help allow for someone who is obese to gain and exude self-confidence, not change clothes in isolated areas, participate in athletic activities, have fit friends who like to be active and fun, and live a life that does not include shame due to confidence in physical appearance and health. No matter the level of effectiveness of my tips and exercises, people will live a more healthy lifestyle. The second part of the healthy living…
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