Exercising Good Professional Character

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An individual who personally creates a hostile work or learning environment, establishes fearful perceptions of retaliation amongst peers, colleagues, or students does not exemplify good professional conduct, demonstrate ability to distinguish right from wrong, demonstrate ability to think and act rationally, or demonstrate the ability to recognize and honor interpersonal boundaries (ADN Student Handbook. 2013). In the academic setting, students who intentionally collaborate on assigned work, or maliciously attempt to circumvent the system in order to obtain higher grades on assignments or unadministered examinations do not demonstrate the ability to distinguish right from wrong, honor obligations outlined in class syllabi, or student handbooks. Individuals with good professional character assume accountability for their own behavior, promptly and fully self-disclose facts, circumstances, events, errors/omissions rather than falsifying documentation and blatantly lying about their involvement in attempt to escape accountability and/or disciplinary action. The Texas Board of Nursing (2013) is very explicit in communicating these behaviors as unprofessional conduct. This behavior places an individual’s character, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability into question, as it may very well pose potential threat to…
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