Existential Therapy : A Matter Of Choices Essay

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Existential Therapy: A Matter of Choices Chara Baines Liberty University Online Abstract Existential therapy is a self-help style of therapy based on choices. Existential therapy focuses on the here and now and the changes an individual can make in their lives if they are willing to honestly explore, self-evaluate, and make changes in their beliefs, traditions, patterns and behavioral issues. Questioning such things as death, the meaning of human existence, God’s existence, and relationships is done through a close client therapist relationship built on trust, transparence and understanding. Existential therapy can help a person determine direction, set and accomplish goals and achieve self-actualization. Existential therapy can also benefit individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression. Individuals seeking immediate relief, not willing or able to be honest in self-evaluations, have been reprimanded to therapy or resistant to the process are less likely to benefit or make any meaningful progress. With the help of therapy individuals are able to ask and seek answers to questions that will help them to aspire to become their true authentic self. History of Existential Therapy Existential therapy rose from the philosophical approach emphasizing that an individual, through acts of free will, determines their own destiny including how one should live their life thus making each individual responsible for his or her choices. An
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