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Journal 3 - Existentialism

Existentialism is something that everybody thinks of sometimes in their life. Maybe they thought about it while on the toilet, or when they just achieved something they worked really hard at, or they thought about it while lying in bed at 3 am when they couldn’t sleep. Existentialism is based off of the questions “What is my purpose?” and “Why am I here?”. It basically answers these questions by saying that there is no meaning and that we can only assign meaning to our own lives by living authentically. Being “authentic” links to another pillar of Existentialism which is that existence precedes essence, meaning that we are defined by our actions, not our beliefs. I agree with a lot of the points of
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At first we thought about deconstructing the story, but when we thought about it, we all quite liked the story so we decided to psycho analyze it instead. Jonathan was in charge of that part, but I also thought of analyzing parts of an Oedipus complex in the main character. Less about any sexual desires towards his mother, but mainly his want of becoming the main money maker in the house, thereby replacing his father. So I did a little bit of the psychoanalyzing, but mainly I was still doing the artistic portions. I didn’t want to make our retelling a direct adaptation and since I liked the idea of car racing, I replaced anything relating to horses to cars. I changed the name of the story from Rocking Horse Winner to just RH Winner and instead of having a rocking horse, paul would just have a matchbox car that he would play with. I originally also wanted to film our own race scenes, but that was a little unrealistic due the time constraints. For the poster, I basically just drew a 69 Mustang, since the mustang is a horse. I didn’t want to just draw a car, since that would come off as lazy, so in the title, I stylized a horse into it, where the feet would meld into the word winner, giving the impression of a rocking horse.

Journal 6 - Short Story 2

So the short story my group did was Rocking Horse Winner and it is a rather long short story. I’ll start off by saying what I enjoyed about

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