Existentialism Is Humanism Essay

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How to live authentically is a question that arises when speaking of existentialism and humanism. Authenticity describes the mode of being true to one self, living an honest and free life. Both Nietzsche and Sartre propose ideas and perspectives on the nature of human life and their existence. As human beings, Sartre and Nietzsche identify how we, possibly unknowingly, alienate ourselves from the modes of living authentically instead of accepting into authentic practices. In Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness” and “Existentialism is Humanism”, the philosopher discusses the importance of achieving freedom and characterizing one’s identity. In Nietzsche’s “Gay Science Excerpts” and “History Essay”, he discusses the emergence of individuality…show more content…
First, she reduces anything the man says down to only facticity and fails to transcend any further, secondly, she postpones her responsibility of deciding towards the man, “The young woman leaves her hand there, but she does not notice that she is leaving it.” (p.56) She is so occupied in conversation that she has disconnected herself physically from her emotional being, which as Sartre states, she neither consents this action or resists it. This example portrays a paradox between the two personages involved in bad faith to be the same person; the deceiver is the one that is deceived, the contradiction of knowing the truth and yet denying it. It is to say, that to live authentically you must take responsibility towards being sincere and truthful to oneself.

Sartre recognizes the importance of freedom and individuality through his ontology. He differs human beings’ actuality through a comparison between human and an object. An object is produced with the intention of having a purpose behind it, where as humans are defined by the first principle of existentialism, “…man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the word
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