Existentialism: Serving A Life Sentence In Federal Prison

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Its been long since I heard anything about you, until know that I just received your letter and read that you are serving a life sentence in federal prison without possibility of parole. It may seem like your choices have finally taken you freedom away my friend. It its sad to know that now I will only be able to talk to you through letters or through a glass or maybe on the phone, your choices will decide. Remember when we were younger and do crazy things without anyone telling us what to do, enjoying the freedom on choice until we would get home and would get grounded, fun times. Time has fly, and every choice we have done since the day we came into this world had made us who we are and have brought us to where we are now.

I understand how you may feel, I have never been in prison, but Sartre would say that you are always free although you may not feel like it because you are behind bars. You seem to be familiar with
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Before you chose to do what you did, there where already laws in place that came after you when you decided to do the crime. Nobody took that right away from you but going to jail was the cause of your choice. I also have made choices that I had to be responsible for, and most times I decided to not do certain things because its not something I want to be responsible for. Sartre would say that freedom of choice is something that we as humans have and nothing in existence could take it away from us or stop us from choosing what we want. Sartre would probably agree that rules, laws are put in place to stop people from doing certain things, for example killing someone else or robing a jewelry store like you did. Although, this set or rules or laws cannot stop people from doing this certain things, it can decrease people from doing it. You see if you kill or rob a jewelry store you can be sent to jail or even death depending on the
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