Exit Canada Marketing Plan Analysis

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MARK 1115: EXIT CANADA Marketing Plan Table of Contents I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 II. INTRODUCTION 4 III. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION 4 IV. SWOT ANALYSIS 5 V. OBJECTIVES AND ISSUES 8 VI. MARKETING STRATEGY 10 1. Positioning and Value Proposition 10 2. Product Strategy 11 3. Pricing Strategy 11 4. Channel Strategy 12 5. Marketing Communication Strategy 13 VII. CONCLUSION 13 VIII. WORKS CITED 14 I. Executive Summary EXIT Canada is an interactive gaming company located in many different locations around the Lower Mainland. Their objectives are to increase their profits and market shares through providing customers’ needs and wants through interesting game…show more content…
EXIT is attempting to reach out to their major clients, which are mainly college students, teenagers, and young adults. EXIT’s prices are not cheap because they would prefer quality over quantity. EXIT recognizes this and often holds promotions to reduce prices so every person would be comfortable with going to EXIT, making sure that consumers are comfortable with their games and prices so that they get their money’s worth. III. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION When we first step into a new business like Exit, we find out that not a lot of people are doing business just to offer a place for fun, enjoyment and relaxation. However, EXIT did it. Even though it has a very unity vision of business model, it also brings a high risk in a business cycles. Firstly, Exit is a company that hosts real life gaming experiences. They have their own mission statements like “a place where the fantasy world appears before your eyes. From the moment you step in, you’ll be transported to a universe of your wildest imagination. There are endless possibilities when you choose to explore the world of EXIT, where you can display your marvels and artistry in many ways.” In other words, they said they’re the ultimate playground for you to battle and conquer our Game Master. Secondly, Exit’s major customers are groups of young adults and students. They try to narrow down the market share in a whole great Richmond

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