Exodus 3 Reflection

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Biblical Background:
Exodus 3
In this chapter, God who has been silently guiding Moses for eighty years, made Himself known to him. God’s revelation to Moses in a burning bush, which manifests His Holiness and Reverence, is a time of calling and sending forth. God is now going to send Moses to deliver Israelites’ captivity and slavery from Egypt and bring them into the land promised by God for them to take possession; a fertile land, full of God’s blessings, flowing with milk and honey. Moses, at first, was hesitant seeing the task ahead, but with God’s assurance of divine help, Moses accepted the task.
The passage stated that God saw the sufferings of the Israelites. God heard them when they cried for help. God cared about their miserable
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What were the lessons learned and faith affirmations they understood and realized from their experiences.

b. Lessons Learned (Question and Answer)
What do we mean by “God is the Redeemer”?
It means that God, alone, is the One who redeems and saves people from their situations, especially, in times of trouble and difficulties.

In what way/s did God redeem and save the people?
It is through Jesus Christ, on His death on the cross, that God expresses His final act of redemption.

When God, alone, is the redeemer, what then, is our role in God’s work of redemption?
We are called to participate in God’s saving act and grace by helping others in their needs and in difficult situations.

c. Applying the lessons learned

Confession of Faith and Words of Commitment
Have the children personalize their commitment by writing their Confession of Faith about God as Redeemer. In a whole sheet of paper, at the upper portion, ask them to write their confession of faith about God as Redeemer. At the lower portion, let them paste the traced feet and hands as symbols of their commitment to follow Jesus and serve the
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