Exoplanet Proxima B Meaning

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On a daily basis, humans are forced to make countless decisions. They can be inconsequential like “should I wear red socks or blue socks?” or the weighty decision: “Should I go to the convenience store that’s five minutes away or drive for an hour to get to a large supermarket?”. How does this translate to space travel? Well it is a simple and very accurate analogy. As dwellers of the Earth, we have a similar choice. Travel through space for an inexorable amount of time just to get some milk, bread and eggs or make a left at the intersection and drive straight until you pass Voyager 1. Then BAM! You have reached your destination. The exoplanet Proxima B, from the Proxima Centauri star system is the convenience store of space. Proxima B is conveniently situated and could conceivably support life. As well as its environmental aspects, humans would benefit from the increase in their extraterrestrial knowledge by colonizing there. In the constellation Centaurus, there is a star system named Alpha Centauri in which there are three stars. Both A and B are approximately the same size as our sun…show more content…
Sol produces large amounts of ultraviolet light as well as infrared. This explains why most plants are green on Earth. Green is the only visible wavelength that is not absorbed in the plant’s biological processes. Proxima Centauri is emitting mostly infrared, which may create an evolution in plants growing there. It would be interesting to see which plants would survive on infrared wavelengths to live and reproduce. The research on Proxima B would help those back on Earth, especially regions that have substantially less light. Techniques and practices could be introduced in those areas to help with food production, a concern that will only increase as the population continues to soar. Along with food production, there would be more area to inhabit. This would ease the human population’s conflict for
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