Exorcisms: Science or Fiction

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The English word exorcism was derived from the Greek word exorkosis, which meant to “out-oath”. Exorcisms are religious acts of evicting evil entities out living or previously living things. The act of exorcisms is ancient and has been followed by many cultures and beliefs. Exorcisms are performed in all parts of the world by priests of all religions, though it is more commonly done by priests in Abrahamic religions. Exorcisms have been part of the Christian faith since the beginning onward to now. The Christian New Testament says exorcisms were one of the miracles Jesus performed. Ever since the beginning exorcisms and demonic possessions have been part of the Christian faith. Exorcisms are still recognized practices of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox. Over the centuries the practice of exorcisms has decreased, mainly in western society. In the 20th century it was mostly used and found in Eastern Europe and some parts of Africa. Multiple cases of exorcisms have gained attention from the media, the most recent major one being Anneliese Michel. Many exorcisms victims were regarded as mentally ill. The belief in Roman Catholicism is that exorcism is one ritual that isn't a sacrament. Catholic Exorcism is one of the most organized and inflexible exorcism rituals among existing religions. Solemn exorcisms can be only performed by an appointed priest. In the Roman Ritual signs and indicators of a possession are: speaking foreign or ancient languages that are not know to the

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