Exothersmic And Endothermic Interaction

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AlmaOlguin Period:5 Science Fair Research In our daily life, we constantly have interactions of chemical reactions, such as endothermic and exothermic reactions. In general all chemical reactions are important to our society to achieve certain activities. Some examples are smelting iron,making class, burning fuels,brewing beer, making wine and cheese, and etc. Most importantly I will be researching what are exothermic and endothermic reactions and how they can affect our daily life. Chemical reactions is a process when the reactants convert to products. A reactant is a substance that goes in to a chemical reaction and undergoes change is a reactant. The final substance of the chemical reaction is the product. A chemical reaction rearranges the molecular structure of a substance. Substances are either chemical elements or compounds(Treichel and Kotz). Chemical reactions either result of chemical bonds forming or breaking. Chemical reactions are distinguished by the following four ways(Shukla). The first way a chemical reaction is distinguished is the physical state of the reactants and the products to see if all the substances are in the same physical state or in a different physical state. The two types of chemical reactions to distinguish the physical state are homogeneous reaction or heterogeneous reaction. The second way to identify a chemical reaction is the type /nature of the chemical. Some examples are synthesis reactions,Decomposition reactions,

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