Exp 105 Week 3 Assignment

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While looking over my answers on the “Multiple Intelligence Scoring Sheet”, I’ve noticed that I only have “strong abilities” in the musical category. However, I also have abilities in interpersonal and intrapersonal as well. I honestly do agree on with Howard Gardner’s Theory and his descriptions because each category is written with logical meanings. After reviewing the types of roles that I was put in; the three listed are actually perfect for me, and the others don’t quite correlate with me personally, except spatial-visual. Spatial-visual had to be the only one I have to disagree with because of my love for photography, visionary inventors, and beauty consultant. My love for photography is unimaginable. I’ve always had a fascination with…show more content…
With linguistic, I’ve never had a thing for English, writing, journalism, etc. I’ve always been a musical type of individual. I enjoy looking into the entertaining business to find my spot in the field. I’ll most certainly relish the opportunity to work in the music field and live out my dream as a talent agent later on in life. I do agree with this portion of the questionnaire for this reason. Logical-mathematics is definitely not my field. Although I have a minor in business administration; math has never been my strong field. I’ve always needed plenty of help performing tasks dealing with any type of mathematics. Now, bodily-kinesthetic was the one that had me on the fence with whether or not I should’ve been on that side. I’ve never been a very physical type of individuals; however, I noticed that acting was one of the typical roles listed. I’ve always wanted to try acting (and I will soon enough), but I can’t disagree with his description chart because acting was the only job in the category that I agreed
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