Exp 105, Week 5, Final Paper

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Lisa Ann Gilbert EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education Instructor: Julie Nideffer May 27, 2013 Four Stages of Transformation Learning Transformative learning is basically changing the way one thinks, feels, acts, and sees life now, as opposed to the past. It can have a small or huge impact on the way they see different aspects of their life. The four stages of the transformative learning process are: Recognizing a specific problem – this is when one would decide if there is a need for change. They would recognize that there is a problem and specifically what it is. Confronting the problem intensely – They would then avoid apprehension and immediately confront the problem, while remembering to consider all possible solutions.…show more content…
I was asking myself, “Is this my only option? What are the risks if I do it and what are they if I don't?“ The conclusion I came to was this: I wanted to live and I wanted to be there for my daughter for as long as I could. I decided I was willing to take the risks to ensure that I would be able to accomplish all I had wanted. I had the surgery and lost over 150lbs. Today I live my life completely different. I eat healthy, use proper portions control and exercise regularly. Of Mezirow’s seven phases, I feel that Self-examination is the one that most pertains to the life experience I shared. Making the decision to have the surgery was only just the first step. I then needed to take a look back and determine what was causing me to struggle with my weight. Through self-examination I found that food was my drug of choice. Just like an alcoholic or a drug addict, I had a dependency. Having surgery fixed the issue with how much I could eat, but it did not remove my taste buds or the reasons in my life that caused me to want to eat. This is when I needed to take control, go to therapy and learn how to deal with life's issues and not use food to cope. Having the surgery afforded me the opportunity to learn how to deal with my problems and not try to eat them

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