Exp. Observation of Chemical Changes Essay

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Name: Jocelyne Munguia|Date: 6/12/13| Exp 1: Observations of Chemical Changes|Lab Section: 75426| Data Tables: Part 1: |Chemicals|Well No.|Observations of the Reaction| A.|NaHCO3 + HCl|A2|Tiny bubbles formed around the edges. Under white paper it looked transparent, but under black paper there was some white in the middle. | B.|HCl + BTB|A3|The mixture turned yellow instantly. Under white paper the mixture was more of mustard yellow and under black paper it was less of a bright yellow. | C.|NH3 + BTB|A4|The mixture is a lighter royal blue under white paper and a darker royal blue under black paper. The mustard yellow would be an acidic indicator and the royal blue a basic indicator. | D.|HCl + blue dye|A5|The mixture also turned…show more content…
It looks fairly the same under black and white paper. | Mouth wash |B4|The mouthwash was a yellow color as it was original falvor, after adding bromthymol blue the mixture turned a blue again similar the the pine sol. | Toilet bowl cleaner |B1 |The toilet bowl cleaner originally was a dark blue similar to the bromthymol blue and when mixed turned a light blue color that wasn’t even and a bit cloudy. | Windex |B5|The windex was a blue similar to the bromthymol blue also, but there were some bubbles forming on the upper edge of the mixture. | Conclusion: The objective of the experiment was to observe different reactions with different chemicals. The experiments emphasized on the chemical changes occurring in acids and bases as well as color changes and bubble formations. The experiments allowed for a better understanding of the undergoing chemical changes in mixtures. Some mixtures instantly changed colors while others were transparent or foggy. Some mixtures produced thick color that created solids called precipitates. Mixtures KI + Pb(NO3)2 and NaOH + AgNO3 both produce noticeable precipitates after a while. It was interesting to see the different acidic and base reactions like the fuchsia color formation in NaOH + phenolphthalein. Part two of the experiment focused on household items like food and cleaning products. It was interesting to see how different chemicals react with the bromthymol blue. The all purpose cleaner turned into a light yellow
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