Expanded Nursing Career: Roles, Requirements and Scope

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Whole new careers of research, counselling changed the way traditional nursing practice. This gave nurses more confidence in having more specific role. These developments rejuvenated nursing by the introduction expanded nursing careers. These careers have an immense potential to contribute to the health care system. They allow more scope and liberty of clinical practice in nursing. It gives nurse an opportunity to advance their career. This essay gives an overview of three expanded careers nurse practitioner, midwifery and clinical nurse specialist. Essay also discusses their roles and career outcomes, and their contribution in providing primary health care to the remote areas.

Literature Review
Nursing has been expanded significantly in the past century. A diverse range nursing careers has emerged. These careers have different roles than the traditional nursing careers, and they are known as expanded nursing careers. Expanded nursing careers provide an excellent opportunity to the nurse who seeks advancement in career. There is a huge gap in duties, education and wages between a traditional nurses and nurse with an expanded nursing qualification. Due to this, expanded nursing careers such as nurse practitioner, midwifery and clinical nurse specialist has a different roles, requirements and scope.
Nurse practitioner
To begin with, a nurse practitioner…

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