Expanding The Cap On Funding For Charter Schools

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Massachusetts has always taken pride in their superior academic standing in comparison to the rest of the nation, showing why there was an upheaval in the system when people began to argue over on how to vote on question two in the election. Question Two focused on expanding the cap on funding for Charter Schools in Massachusetts. This issue was particularly controversial in Massachusetts because not all people are able to recognize the value that Charter Schools hold in expanding the educational opportunities in Massachusetts. Charter schools have proven to have a large impact on educational in urban areas, however charter schools are also extremely beneficial in the suburban communities of Massachusetts. According to Matt Rocheleau from the Boston Globe, “Massachusetts ranks in the top tier nationally when it comes to median household income, but within itself there is a vast range in earnings.” This vast range in income affects many suburban areas in Massachusetts as some communities are at the maximum end of the spectrum, as other suburbs float barley at the middle. Often times, people pin Massachusetts suburbs as white, middle to upper class families with outstanding public schools. However, the gap in average incomes also affects the educational choices for children in these suburban communities, as all of the families in the community are not making the same amount of money. Many of these suburban communities pride themselves in making sure that their children have an

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