Essay about Expanding Writing Instruction to Support Student Achievement

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Problem Every year the preschool team and I struggle to find the best way to teach writing. Year after year, Kindergarten teachers in our district report that the incoming students need higher level writing skills. They believe that having these skills promote higher scores on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for Literacy (KRA-L), which is taken before officially starting Kindergarten. According to the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, “Children are prepared for the kindergarten literacy expectations as measured by the KRA-L when the early learning experiences designed for preschool children are aligned with and supportive of Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards and when progress is monitored using other…show more content…
Our goal as a preschool team is to find an effective approach to preschool writing or a better way of thinking about the writing process. By providing effective writing opportunities at the preschool level, our students will become better readers, listeners, and writers. Input “Although No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has focused attention on improving reading and math achievement, little attention has been given to other subjects including writing. If state or local policies do not support the teaching of writing, there is a possibility that teachers will neglect writing instruction” (McCarthey, 2008). Within the past few years, my district adopted the STORYtown curriculum for reading and writing as a plan to improve student literacy scores district wide. Many teachers in my district admitted that since they struggle with finding time and an effective way of teaching writing, it is often overlooked. Learning to write is developmentally important for nurturing literate children. To resolve this issue, teachers are now raising questions about which methods are the best for the learners of today and where to begin this process. “Research cannot identify one single approach to writing instruction that will
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