Expanding a One-Store Operation to a Two-Store Operation

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Case Study on Expanding a One-store Operation to a Two-store Operation By admin on Nov 12, 2012 with Comments 0 Introduction Buster’s will be participating in an exciting, growing market. Buster’s as a retail business that sells mixed bag of items are now planning to extend from one-store operation to a two-store operation. With the increasing demand of products offered by Buster’s the need of opening another store that occupies 1000 square feet of space is necessary. Aside from these Buster’s will also need to hire another two employees in accordance to the desired two-store operation. Buster’s is a full line store, one stop shop for both retail and commercial business. We fill the need for over 12,000 different types of…show more content…
2003). Key players are not always keen to participate but engaging them at this early stage of the plan will help ensure success. General Manager (GM) – The GM is the founder of Buster’s– Marsha Jones, her management style should be likely as most traditional family business with centralized decision making and supporting paternalistic regulation. She should always emphasize that a successful company need have competitiveness in the market and maintains a certainly high level of efficiency, effectiveness. Since Buster’s are both product and labor intensive, the cost of employee is in high ratio of total expense. On her role of general manager, she should have to balance between the profitability of shareholders and the loyalty of employee. Ms. Jones is neutral on the scheme, employees do keep communicate with her to understand his intention and raise his faith. Store’s Staff – They are advocates and supporters on the scheme, evidence collected with them which are: Ø They should adjust working hour to accommodate with clients Ø They should subordinate & themselves have a adaptive resting time for increasing energy and creativity Ø They estimate it can boost their loyalty, productivity and collegiality, and enhance overall company’s image Ø They are the key stakeholder group in the scheme, there should be a good relationship with them to motivate them supporting and advancing the scheme. Involve them in each stage and decisions. Ø increase their
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