Expanding into E-Commerce

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Expanding into E-Commerce Off the Boardwalk and into the World Wide Web: A Four Point Analysis 1) The purpose of this section if to provide a SWOT analysis for a small, local clothing store on the New Jersey Boardwalk looking to transition into the online market place. Any boutique clothing store like the one provided has many strengths. The company's unique style helps differentiate it from its competitors. In addition, the company is small and flexible which enables it to employ different talents, ranging from domestic to international, to meet their project needs (Pinker, 2002). Of course, any such company has its weaknesses. The company is a local clothing store which means it is dependent on its manufacturers and variations in material and labor costs of third parties producers. Another problem that any small clothing store faces is coming up with new innovative ideas that fit to mass customization for their customers (Alexander, et al., 2003). Any small, local company looking to expand into the online market place also has numerous opportunities. Their business currently comes from customers walking up and down the boardwalk which has a limited season. By expanding to the internet, they will dramatically increase the number of customers exposed to their merchandize on a global scale. Mass production by the company will allow customers to get what they want but dilute their individual uniqueness (Pinker, 2002). Lastly, by orienting their sales to the online
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