Expansion Of The Arms Trade Treaty

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security, 2014 Topic: Expansion of the Arms Trade Treaty Country: Hungary Delegate: Cameryn Green The concept of the current Arms Trade Treaty can be traced back to the 1990’s, but the concept of a treaty that regulates the trade of small firearms and conventional weapons can be dated back up to the 1940’s. In 2006 the notion of an arms trade treaty was introduced to the United for the first time, at which they started a draft. This eventually turned into the treaty that passed on Tuesday 2 April 2013, signed by 118 states and ratified by 41. The intention of this treaty is to control the global trade of small firearms and keep them from getting into the hands of gangs, terrorists groups, pirates or any other people who could potentially bring harm to anyone. To do this the ATT establishes one global set of standards for the trade of conventional weapons and implements international standards that are required to be met before any nations can commence in the trade of weapons. Non-Government organizations have lately been the greatest supports of the ATT by recognizing the need for a set of international laws that governs the trade of weapons uniformly for all countries, and seeing the potential in the treaty to reduce, or even eliminate the $8 million loss in Africa alone annually due to weapons that are “lost” or “stolen”. In fact, arms trade corruption is responsible for approximately 50% of all globally corrupt trades, despite
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