Expansion Of Top Level Domain

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IST 618 Information Policy Debate Notes Expansion of Top Level Domain AGAINST THE MOTION Aman Shrimal Expansion of domain name for the benefit of users and companies as proposed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has many major flaws. According to Association of National Advertisers: ICANN’s proposed program for increasing competition, promoting, innovation, addressing an alleged shortage of Internet addresses and helping differentiate products and services – is deeply flawed. (Association of National Advisers , 2011). The justification to expand the domain name, that new gTLDs would facilitate customer search, promotes consumer welfare, even though the registration cost for a new domain is excessively high and would harm the brand name is flawed. The expansion of domain name will open internet for criminal activity where felons can cyber squat in the name of trusted brands. Objections raised by stakeholders had not been addressed adequately and the decision is mostly influenced by the parties getting directly benefits from this program and not those going to get affected. Since beginning ICANN is proposing introduction of new gTLDs without completing the comprehensive economic study of the domain name registration market and, without having a completely developed understanding of the economic realities of the domain marketplace. Thus, various communities are raising concerns for introduction of new gTLDs. (Association of National
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