Expansionist Interest In The 1920's

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“America’s new expansionist interest in the turn of the century was defensively motivated.” Assess the validity of this statement The 1920’s marked a new era of post war economic growth in the U. S. Business was booming and new ways of producing and selling goods were introduced. New industries flourished especially in the areas of electric power, automobiles, and highway and housing construction. These changes did not benefit but made their future look bright. New expansionist interest in this time was defensively motivated by Mass Production, The Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression and The New Deal. Mass Production, employed by magnates such as henry ford, allowed American economic output to grow rates at never seen before. By the…show more content…
He started his presidency off with the First Hundred Days, which was the beginning of the New Deal. During the hundred days FDR and congress passed hundreds of bills that promoted social welfare. Despite the New Deals efforts, hard times persisted. In 1934 national income rose to about 25% above 1933 but remained under 1929. Millions had been jobless for years and with unemployment rates still high, congress passed the 5 billion Emergency relief program act in 1935. The New deals second phase unfortunately target workers, the poor, and the disadvantaged. The second New deal agricultural policy addressed the plight of share croppers, farmers and tenants. The resettlement administration that made loans to help tenant farmers buy their own farms and croppers move to more productive areas. In 1935 with an election approaching the new deal strategist reached further still crafting legislation to aid share croppers, migrant workers, the disabled, and the elders largely ignored by previous politicians. After Roosevelt won the election again the new deal started to show great improvement with the economy and unemployment. With a few measures, the new deal ended. In conclusion, the validity of the statement is true. The expansionist took interest in this time because it still affects us today. Many new deal programs are still active such as The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, The federal Housing Administration, The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Even though the stock market crash and depression was a devastating time; it is something that we can learn from and try to prevent from
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