Expansions In America And The Westward Expansions Of The United States

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Westward expansions of the united states molded and affected the nations advancement socially, politically and economically holding quick to its connections to agriculture, its relations with and through slavery with the westward expansion therefore there would not be an abolishment movement and the women would not have been there to find against it. Although the Indian removal has helped shape the westward expansion politically and economically because it has given America more land and cotton. The Mexican war shaped the western expansion culturally and politically because the Mexican were racially religiously superior. Westward expansion between 1800 and 1860 affected American culture in a few ways. One effect was that it enabled American ventures to develop and thrive. As Americans moved westward, they required items so as to live in the west. In this way, organizations moved toward the west and started to make the items that the general population required. “Around 1776, capable individuals in the American colonies whom we know as the Founding Fathers found that, by making the possibility of a country with its own particular culture and images, they reinforced their own particular administration and took control from British colonial rulers.” Their discovery was splendid: they made.”The most effective system of national control devised in modern times. The local American authority was getting to be plainly disappointed with British initiative. After

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