Expansions and Mergers in the US

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Expansion and Merger Essay Todeva & Knoke (2009) noted when the United States got independence it never had any intention to indulge in business. The government wanted to make business to be free to practice at their own best interest without any government involvement. Government role in business was supposed to be simply an act of referee. In this case, the government was supposed to protect business property, provide fire, issue trade mark to protect businessmen and women identity, protect investors through provision of control over their investments and provide military protection (Todeva & Knoke, 2009). Moreover, the current participation of government in the market economy remains almost similar. It however expanded its mandate to begin playing a critical role in business which includes providing public goods, protecting public health and welfare, safeguarding business, consumers, investor, and bring health competition in the market. More so the role of government is also to stabilize the economy, conserve the environment, regulation of working conditions and finally to protect business properties. All these engagement is to make business environment more favorable for both local and international investors for success of the country economy (Todeva & Knoke, 2009). In most cases the U.S. government intervenes in the market when there is total need to correct issues through policy framework. As stated by Dnicker (2011) the U.S. government normally intervenes to

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