Expatriation Assignment Essay

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What are some of the risks that an organization faces when stationing an expatriate overseas? I think the greatest risk that organizations face when stationing an expatriate overseas mostly deals with money. The organizations undergo major financial risk when sending an employee overseas. The organization spends a great deal of money compensating the employee to pack up and move to a foreign country with their family. All the money spent, and there is no guarantee that the expatriate will be able to handle the stress and anxiety associated with relocating to another country. According to an article in Expat Exchange, “fewer than 50% of employees remain with their companies following repatriation, with assignment
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What have been some of the key issues for successful expatriation of families? Expatriation families face many challenges when moving overseas. Language barriers are a big issue for both the expatriate and his/her family. When you live in a country where the language is not the preferred language of the expatriate and their family, it causes many challenging experiences and is stressful (Fitzgerald, 2012). Other challenges include cultural changes, education, region, trends, behaviors, and all of the things that drive the people in the country the expatriate’s family are moving. It could be very difficult for a non-working spouse or the expatriate’s children to adapt to the new environment and the new people. The expatriate will be spending enough time at work, likely with other men/women in the same position, so the expatriate’s difficulty with the social and cultural aspects of the move may not be as significant as the rest of his/her family. Other ways that firms can help is to make sure the expatriate and their family understands exactly how the entire process works and providing them with training and other learning opportunities to prepare for the move. Things to take into consideration for the firm to help with the process is to disclose how the expatriate will get to the foreign country, their Visa type, additional application costs, visiting expenses, shipping costs, property costs, cars, bills,
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