Expectancy Theory of Motivation at Use in the Workplace

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March 30, 2012

What is Motivation? Motivation is a word popularly used to explain why people behave as they do.
Some psychologists and scientists view motivation as the factor that determines behavior, as expressed in the phrase “all behavior is motivated” (World Book, 1992). Some scientists view motivation as the factor that energizes behavior. According to this viewpoint, motivation provides the energy in behavior, while habits, abilities, and skills give direction. or in the case of this task, guidance to what to do.
The Expectancy Theory of Motivation is constantly at work in any organization that has
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In questioning, some who do not have difficulty with the process feel that it is not worth putting in extra effort to reach the production goals, because there is usually no difference in salary among those who meet department goals and those who don’t. Employees believe that workers at the company have to be very slow before performance will have a negative impact on their salary. Employees are not being held accountable for their performance efforts, basically, those who are top producers are rewarded the same as those who aren’t. Treating employees fairly by rewarding successful performance, and critiquing unsuccessful performance will go a long way in increasing motivation and productivity.

Having said that, a reworking of the reward system may change all that as well as provide the motivation that these employees need. Their motivation can become, “If I produce more than anyone else in the company, will I get the biggest raise? Or maybe a faster promotion? Or maybe extra time off?” I believe that implementation of a fair pay and reward systems in the company will have a positive effect on all the employee 's performance perceptions.
Valence (Reward-Personal Goals Relationship) is the value of realizing a goal, or achievement. It can be said that valences refer to the level of satisfaction people expect to get from the outcome, as opposed to the
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