Expectation is the root of all heartache

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“Expectation is the root of all heartache,” stated by William Shakespeare, has a substantial meaning that is widely supported by psychology. This proverb can be utilized in all aspects of life. It is ordinary for the human being to be let down and disappointed on some occasions. Studies show that the reason for this negative feeling is established from expectations that society and individuals themselves create. Dr. Gary Trosclair incorporates this idea of expectation causing pain in his journal article. He discusses the ordinary roots of depression that is seen among society today, one of them includes expectation. It is normal for humans to have anticipations for themselves, whether it is simply how they appear in terms of physical…show more content…
Research shows that white women are seen as more physically attractive and content compared to black women (Hall 127). Many of these women experience discrimination due to the color of their skin on a daily basis. The “expectation” of the perfect light skinned women is used to judge other women in everyday life. This idea negatively affects African American women. Ladies who suffer from this discrimination are likely to experience unhappiness. The third example that supports the concept of “expectation is the root of all heartache” is conveyed in an article that regards the expectations of mothers who adopt children. These women are distressed with impractical expectations on how to raise a child. (Medical News) Depression results when these societal demands are not achieved. This article is an evident case in which unhappiness is the outcome of an unfulfilled expectation that is placed upon someone. Depression is commonly seen in almost any culture. The main reason for depression in most people is due to the unsatisfied feeling of not meeting one’s expectations. This concept is demonstrated in the study of the correlation between pressures placed on Asian students and their academic performance. In this article, the students that had the most pressure on them were the most discontented with their grades (Naumann) They were unsatisfied due to the fact that they had a high expectation to meet. Unhappiness is

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