Expectations Across Political Parties

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Looking at the relative impact of the predictions across all the parties, the following patterns can be observed. 1) Media coverage plays an important role in forming electoral expectations, being the best predictor for majority of parties. Thus, the more positive the respondents perceived party-specific media coverage to be, the better they estimated the future party performance. The negative effect on expectations did not occur consistently: it was not significant for two big and well-known parties FDP and SP and for the leader SVP it was imperceptible (voters expected the party to win despite negative media coverage). 2) Free newspapers as well as radio and TV can be considered as the most valuable sources of electoral expectations. They are not significant for every single party but overall they represent the media field: TV and radio serve as a source of expectations concerning two biggest parties (SVP and FDP), whereas free newspapers – for the others, excluding small parties.…show more content…
For the two leading parties SVP and FDP almost all sources of information proved to be valuable. Consequently, respondents who specified these sources, expect the two parties to win. In the case of FDP only posters and stands in the street as well as social media were not significant for prediction of electoral expectations. For SVP among all the sources only Smartvote was not significant. The reason for this might be that SVP is a populist party, which use a strategy of attracting the most general population. This means that people, who perceive SVP as a winner and (possibly) vote for this party, do not rely on Smartvote’s recommendations, which suitable for people, who are unsure about their vote
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