Expectations For American Presidents Vary Depending On

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Expectations for American presidents vary depending on the people 's opinion and involvement in political parties. Whether Democrat or a Republican, all citizens want the United States to flourish. As years go on and new presidents come and go, America has to face problems that lead to either success or failure. It is up to the president to decide the best way to handle those situations. Unfortunately, most presidents fail to thrive in those positions due to pressure and uncertainty of the result. Theodore Roosevelt was an effective president who knew exactly what to do and when to do it so that America would grow into a more established country. Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, was born in New York City on October …show more content…

The happy couple got married and settled in Oyster Bay, New York. They had five children of their own: Theodore, Kermit, Ethel, Archibald, and Quentin. They raised them, along with Alice, in a home known as Sagamore Hill. As time went on, he began writing and published quite a few books. Later, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor, however he was appointed to the U.S. Civil Service Commission. He was doing exceedingly well at his job so he was promoted to Commissioner. He strictly imposed the laws because he was devoted to making America a better country. In 1895, he became the president of the New York City Police Board, then two years later was assistant secretary of the Navy. Later he resigned to create the U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, which consisted of the Rough Riders, “a company that consisted of Ivy League men, cowboys, police, and many others.” (The Soldiers). After the Spanish-American War Roosevelt wrote, "I would rather have led that charge and earned my colonelcy than served three terms in the United States Senate. It makes me feel as though I could now leave something to my children which will serve as an apology for my having existed."(Miller Center). After returning home a war hero, Roosevelt became the Governor of New York. Boss Plate felt he was competition so he eliminated Roosevelt from running again for a Republican leader in New York

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