Expected Pattern of Development

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Understanding the expected development for children and young persons from birth to 19? Explain the sequence and rate of development from birth to 19 years:- Emotional and social development Emotional development is the expected pattern of a Childs ability to feel and express and increa vsing range of emotions. Social and behavioural development is the expected growth pattern of a child’s ability to relate to the world around them. There are various theories and models that show the different aspects of the development stages. I have combined these and below is my understanding of these. Birth-3 years At this stage a baby is trying to develop an attachment to the primary care giver, because of the limited language skills a baby posses it…show more content…
Children of this age concentrate more on their peer groups and less on what their care givers think. Towards the later age they start to understand what it is to be part of a social society. 16-19 years At this stage in a young person’s life intelligence and communication skill are at a peak, they have made a decision to go onto further education or have decided that they would feel more comfortable concentrating their skills on a work environment. Young person’s at this stage are fully aware of their standing within their communities and hold themselves accountable within those communities and wider a field in society. Physical aspect of development:- Physical development is the explanation of the development of the body and its functions; below is an explanation of physical development from 0-19 years of age. 0-2 years At this age they start to grow rapidly, they learn to crawl and walk, and they start learning a few words and noises. They can start eating on their own with a knife and fork, learn to do new things such as kicking and throwing a ball, start scribbling using a pen, climb up and down the stairs and can sort shapes in a shape sorter. They can turn pages and knobs of doors and are able to pedal a tricycle. Some skills using
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