Expected School-Wide Learning Results

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Growing up has not been easy, but it’s a part of life we all go through, Like in the Disney Movie Meet the Robinsons you need to “Keep Moving Forward”. In Life we have to take challenging Obstacle courses that are not so easy but it helps us in life. One challenging obstacle course that we take is school, to be exact High school. In high school to get to the top you have to fail because from failing you learn, because you learn from your mistakes and “Keep Moving Forward” and you do your best to do a better job the next time. From success not so much because you are not learning anything out of it. Vista del lago students are required to learn special goals known as Expected school- wide learning Results known as (ESLRS). As you progress…show more content…
I need this skill for the rest of my life so it’s good that I am practicing on it now. Also I have improved as a self-directed Lifelong learner. A Self-directed lifelong learner demonstrates a capacity for both independent and collaborate work. They also demonstrate knowledge, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures and finally they demonstrate time management and organization skills. In my Chicano Studies class I have learned so much about another culture and I have more respect for the Chicano culture. They as a nation have done so much and went through a lot to get to what they are now. I have learned about different painters, musicians, leaders and more. It has really been an interesting class to take this semester and I have been enjoying every single moment of it. Similarly in my Chicano studies class for my portfolio I got to learn more about myself and understand what kind of Pendeja (Stupid) am I. It was really interesting I fell under the category “Optimistic Pendeja” I had to research and read and do a lot but overall it was just a fun portfolio to do. In Chemistry I have really became organized because we are required to keep binders and my teacher checks them every month or so and you have to keep them organized and have to make sure, they are up to date if you want to get a good grade on it, and as a person I am not the most organized person but I have accelerated and grown better at it. Finally I have developed
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