Expectervation Of The Obsergarten Classroom Of Sarah House

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I observed the kindergarten classroom of Sarah House. During my observation, Ms. House completed a language arts lesson with her students. Ms. House used both whole class instruction and one on one instruction during her lesson. I felt that she did an amazing job with classroom management and created lessons that were not only engaging, but fun for the students.
The language arts lesson began with Ms. House having the students discuss the use of punctuation in a sentence. I liked how she sternly, but calmly was able to redirect students back to their seats when they came up the book. The students knew exactly what she meant and quickly listened to her. I also noticed how the majority of the times she called on a student whether or not they had their hand raised. This is a great practice because it prepares students to always think about the question asked and to have an answer ready. Ms. House had the students transition to the next activity by standing and shaking their arms and legs. I believe this is a great way to quickly give students a break and then redirect them to the next activity.
The reading of the life of Sally Ride appeared as a very engaging activity to me. While reading, Ms. House would allow simple questions and comments, but knew when to stop them and move on. Her students also seemed to know that when she moved on it was time to be quiet and listen. After reading, the students turned to a partner and discussed the story. This was a great way
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