Expensive Life Style Of Ghana

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Expensive life style I was not rich kid and I had to school and at the same timework to pay my rents and provide for myself and help the family, which I left behind in Cameroon, something I never did in Cameroon, my parents paid my fees all through my education. The first time a good friend of mine and myself went into a supermarket to buy some grocery. Everything was so expensive that we decided to return home and second guess what we needed most. As we left the supermarket we grasp a yogurt each. I was hungry and needed some ATP. The container of yogurt was big and I was happy to be the first to discover this big and cheap yogurt., I open my yogurt and took a big spoon. The taste of the yogurt was so horrible and hunger could not…show more content…
This was so serious that I even hid some of the food I had because I was not going to share it with anyone. Guy, lesbian and transgender This issue of LGBT was something I was not comfortable with. I was naive and childish with this topic. I only heard about gay people, but I had not seen any guy in my life talk less to see people of the same sex kissing in their cars or public places. I do not mean to sound rude. This was my first experience and I was not a nice one. Tansgenders were also a group of people I restrained myself from. It was a big shock for me to come across all these while in Europe.. I made friends and ask so many questions and looks at videos on the TV and youtube answer the question why will someone be gay or transgender. I later came across an amazing male couple from spain. With them my ideology of LGBTs changed drastically. Language barrier Belgium is a bilingual country like Cameroon, which recognize French and Dutch as the main official languages. My French language is not proficient and I can manage and say Bonjour and Bonsoire, as for the Dutch language, I knew not a sentence.. I missed my exit several time when traveling these public transport. I tried asking other people at random for help and most of them replied “sorry ik kan je niet helpen”, which means sorry I cannot help you. I was insulted one time in a train by some white skin folks to be a peasant who was in Belgium to steal their
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