Expensive Textbooks Break the Bank in College

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The transformation from post-secondary to university or even college can be an exciting experience, no "[d]ining halls! No bedtime! Taunting your RA!" (Ethan Trex) However, the fun all ends when it comes time to purchase required course textbooks. For a first year student, the struggle of purchasing cheap textbooks from the bookstore can be hard, especially if there is no used version of that textbook available. However, the best way to get cheap textbooks are to look for alternatives, such as buying textbooks online, buying used textbooks, or renting textbooks. When it comes to purchasing a textbook, "a hardcover full-color textbook [can] cost $200 or more." (Liz Weston). That is about equal to one month of groceries (Michelle OBrien). Having to buy a textbook that costs almost as a month of groceries is ridiculous. With minor changes to new editions of the same textbook coming out every semester or even every year, has students wondering whether to purchase the older edition or the new one. However, if a student wants to purchase the latest edition, how is it possible to purchase the textbook cheaper than what the university or college Bookstore offers. Well, the solution is to purchase it online. "Books can be 20%-40% cheaper on Amazon and Textbook.com." (Michelle OBrien) Therefore, instead of spending $200 or even more on one textbook, a student can save up to 20-40% and sometimes even more on a textbook. Sometimes textbooks are not offered online, and are only sold

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