Experience Grief, Grief And All Arrangements Are Made

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It is inevitable not to experience grief, but grief does not stop life. It changes you and teaches how to hold yourself in place. When I was flying to Pakistan, I knew my grandfather was on his death bed and I knew I had to say my goodbye, but I was in denial and scared. When I reached Pakistan, first thing was I went to the hospital and saw him. He was breathing! It gave me a comfort feeling and I talked to him even if he was in a coma, but I believed he was listening. As I sat next him, I saw my dad in the distance talking to someone and telling them, “I found a spot in the graveyard and all arrangements are made”. Instantly, I thought if I feel so much pain see my grandfather like this, then my dad must feel ten times more pain. He was being so strong and fine. I knew that I had to represent my dad and be the strong one too. I had to let go and support my family. Humans experience many different emotions in their life and they learn how to manage them according to situation. This tragic event made me experience many thing, as one of them was emotion management and use symbolic interactionism I will analyze how I managed my emotions and roles, in addition how I benefited from sociological imagination. My parents moved to live with my dad’s parents for a reason, which was to take care of my growing old grandparents. My grandfather being ill, that he was in his last stage that put a lot of reasonability on my parents’ shoulder. I think me being the oldest child of my
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