Experience Related Information : My Job Title At The University Of Toledo

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Experience-related information:
My job title at the University of Toledo was a Sales/Marketing Assistant. My position supported the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Sales and Marketing Graduate Assistants in creating, developing and implementing marketing and promotional plans for the purpose of maximizing fan awareness, attendance and game atmosphere while increasing revenue for the University of Toledo varsity athletic programs. (I would cite here) Below are my day-to-day tasks:
• Generate season tickets, individual game tickets, and group ticket sales.
• Make outbound phone calls daily.
• Influencing and cultivating student attendance at home athletic events.
• Assist with special events, game day, in-game promotions, and
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On a day-to-day basis Jon will make sales calls as well as give the interns sales calls to complete. J.J. reviews and creates marketing plans and has the interns assist him in the process prior to sending the final draft to Heather.
Program planning: The weekly meetings that we attend are held for the purpose of discussing what needs to be accomplished during the week. The interns are assigned tasks by J.J., Jon or Heather. Once we have completed the tasks assigned to us, we send our work to J.J. or Jon to review it before it is sent to Heather. For example, if there needs to be a marketing plan created for Baseball, we create it and then we send it to one of them to review and make changes and then they send it to Heather for final review.
Evaluation of agency:
One of the strengths that the University of Toledo has is that they are a Division One University competing in a well-known conference. I believe that their marketing department is run fairly efficiently in comparison to Bowling Green. I have worked in the athletic department at Bowling Green and Toledo does a better job marketing and promoting their events over social media. Weaknesses in the University of Toledo 's athletic department were noted in communication and time management. In regards to communication, the interns were often given something to do without a due date and without much direction on how to start it or what their expectations are for the project. The
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