Experience as a Coach in Interacting With the Coachee Essay

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Coaching Experience as a Coach in Interacting With the Coachee Based on the information that I have gained in the role of coach, I have learned that interaction with the coachee involves an understanding of the basic foundations in Appreciative coaching, which focuses on 5 main principles. These principles, which will each be discussed in detail, include: • Construction Principle • Positive Principle • Simultaneous Principle • Poetic Principle • Anticipatory Principle As pointed out in the Construction Principle and Positive Principle, coaching sometimes involves bringing out the positive attributes and successes of a person, rather than the negative or their failures. An example of this approach is when one of…show more content…
Application of Appreciative Coaching Language, Questioning, and Listening in the Interview As the team member coach, I listened to team member plans she began outline of questions and she going deal the problem. She describes the three greatest accomplishments over years. What attributes of role models do you admire and want to emulate. What prevents her for being her best? The team member identified the steps she needs to take in order advance her career goals. These questions about her pass accomplishment forward into her future help her level on confident and move toward positive directions. (Orem, Binkert, & Clancy, 2007) a point out coaching is exceptionally powerful in freeing client from limited ways of view themselves, their range of possibilities. As a coach, I had to encouraged the team member to think strongly positive about belief and take on more serious challenges relinquish difficult. By asking, coachees power positive questions I help the team member and direct her attention in ways that can belief in her. The Coachee’s Impression of the Coaching Experience After the coaching experience with my team member, she had a positive attitude about feeling hopeless in terms of getting a raise or advancing to a higher level and positive social bonding to make affirmative changes in her life move toward a new future. (Orem, Binkert, & Clancy, 2007) point

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