Experience of an Arab Student Learning English

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Language/literacy autobiography I remembered my reading journey that began long time ago. My father has a big library that contains many books. Before I joined the school I used to read simple text and write my name and my family members’ names. I am the youngest between my brother and two sisters. I was feeling jealous seeing them going to school and I am not. Therefore, I tried my best to get engaged in what they did. But I could not because they were at higher level than me. Though that had a positive effect on me. After I joined elementary schools, I was totally enthralled by storybooks that have drawing depicting the actions of the story. I remembered borrowing these books from my school library every week. One day, the library lent me one of these book and I lost it then the librarian decided not to allow me to borrow any book till I return that book. I was in difficult time because I like to read and I do not know who took or what happened to that book. By the time, I joined middle school my reading interest shifted from animated books to history books. To the extent that I read in one summer vacation “ three months” a historical encyclopedia that consists of thirteen volumes. Reading went on with translated historical books that covered the history of the worlds since the days of the pharaohs till the twentieth century. All the previous reading was in Arabic. The first experiences that I have with English was before I begin studying English. It was
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