Essay about Experience of an Immigrant

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When I was deliberating topics for my case study ethnography report I was inspired to examine some one very close to me who is "undocumented", someone whose experience I have seen first hand, some one who has affected my life and understanding of immigrants with his situation; my partner, Mario. This class has exposed us to many writings on the subjects of migration, immigration and emigration. I began to compare the concepts and information in the readings to Mario’s personal situation. I was curious if his answer would be "In search of a better life" when asked, "Why did you come here?"

By offering personal insights and experiences regarding his/our situation I would like to discuss issues directly related to the expected learning
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Although some of his brothers and sisters had already moved out and began families of their own, his mother was left to support eight children with no benefits from any Mexican welfare agency or life insurance policies. The remaining family members decided the only way enough money could be made to support them was for some one to go to work in America. With no "papers" or legal documents one of Mario’s brothers made his way to Los Angeles, California. He found a job working in a garment factory that historically hired undocumented workers at low wages. At that point his family became one of the recipients of the $5 billion dollars of remittances that Mexicans received in 1991 according to the chart presented in the article; Remittances, US Latino Communities, and Development in Latin American Countries in Migration World News Vol. 28(5) in 2000, written by B. Lindsay Lowell, Rodolfo de la Garza and Mike Hogg.

His brother began to regularly send home $100 a month. At his low wages this was a considerable percentage of his income. At this point he mirrored the Tongans in Voyages From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs, written by Cathy A. Small. He mirrored them because he was more likely to assist his family in Mexico then he was to pursue his version of the American dream. The appeal of the large amount of money made in America led another brother to illegally venture into the United States and join his older brother
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