Experience the Body-Mind Connection for Functional Wellness!! Therapist Dr. Rama Reddy Jaggavarapu,

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Experience the Body-Mind Connection for Functional Wellness!! Therapist Dr. Rama Reddy Jaggavarapu, Ph.D. is an Indian human scientist. His innovative life’s work on mind-body connection places him millennia in front of the medical institution. His bestselling book, ‘Doctor of Mind’ is a simple read for any who wants to approach life in unique effective way. Currently, he is a research instructor and committed in educating each client and groups on mind-body-spirit amalgamation skills. Dr. Rama Reddy takes us on a grand tour through his book with creating awareness about some of the wrong beliefs that has troubled a healthy life. He even explains a fresh way to believe about consciousness and applies to present fresh insight into…show more content…
Moreover, trauma not only crashes body and mind but also have great chances to create physical symptoms and ailments. The connection between body and mind is very powerful. For example, what we think of any happening in our mind would so affect our body system. The state of our body in turn would affect the mind system. The mind and body are not two separate systems; they are entwined in clever and complicated ways. It is well-known that Tibetan monks control their entire body system– adjust their heart rate, slow their metabolism and adjust their brain waves and body temperature at self-control, will power (i.e.) simply by meditation. Unfortunately, most of the individuals are not trained to manage the stressful psychic loads in this 21st century. Just think of these factors: It is proved that 95% of illness is worsened or caused due to stress. A metastatic cancer woman has chances to live twice as long if they belong to a support group. In a recent study of people a group of volunteers injected cold viruses into their noses but people alleged with high level of stress got the cold. If a person belongs to a group (such as) like a religious group or a quilting club or a bowling club, it helps to improve his longevity of life and reduces the risk of death apart from their health habits. Positive thinking, positive attitude in oneself helps to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Automatic negative thinking affects one’s personality and activates stress response by
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