Experience the Sound: Pep Rally Experience

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Experience the Sound “College is an everlasting memory that one will always cherish.” Many alumni have quoted these words to undergraduates in all different forms, whether they were speaking slang to connect to the younger folks or if they were speaking intellectually with vast vocabulary. However, any way these words were delivered, these words triggered in many minds, except mine. Howard University’s homecoming was October 22nd thru the 27th, 2013. A day after my eighteenth birthday was proclaimed to be turn up time for Howard’s students as well as graduates, celebrities, and especially local District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia residents. Everyone was thrilled for this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Well, the 22nd thru the…show more content…
However, the celebrity who took my breath away was Missy Elliot. This was a very rare opportunity to see the lyric genius, the profound music producer, the face of hip hop walk across the same track that I walk across daily. Not only was this a rare sighting of Missy Elliot, if you turned your head for a quick second, you missed her because at a blink of an eye, she was gone. Luckily, I saw the back of her head. I waved towards her as though she had eyes planted behind her neck. I saw her large gold hoop earrings and wanted them too. I usually do not receive the feeling of “star struck” but this incidence was a total different scenario. I always wanted to be a Missy Elliot back up child dancer but those days are long gone. Sadly, she did not perform any of her songs; she did introduce an upcoming artist that goes by the name Sharaya. Although Sharaya was no Missy Elliot, she got the job done. Sharaya was very boisterous, flamboyant, and stalwart to her dance movements. When she first came out, the whole crowd was saying sly comments such as “Who is she?” “Why is she here?” “Bring out Missy!!!” but as she performed, I realized the comments turned into, “Wow! She is good!” “She is doing the damn thang!” Essentially, the pep rally was an example of how Howard University students get

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