Experience with a Chemical Company Sales Expert

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Customer Relations Analysis When I first met Mike, I immediately knew he was a professional. He was cool, calm, and collected. He had been working for DuPont for many years and knew how to sell that Chemical. He came and talked to my plant science class a couple weeks earlier before my SWAS. After he talked to us I thought, “I am really interested in what he had to say, why don’t I ask him if I can go on a SWAS.” On February 7, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. I headed to Edmond Oklahoma, to meet with Mike. When I first arrived at his house, he was on a conference call with several people in Oklahoma and many from many different other states. They were listening to a researcher from DuPont talk about how many different chemicals, both new and old, were performing in field trials. Mike told me he had been up since 7:00 a.m. listening to a conference call and that this was the second one he was on for the day. By getting the latest field data, Mike was able to prepare for his upcoming sales calls for the day, and tell his customers the latest information. After the conference call ended at 10:30 we got in Mike’s company pickup and headed to El Reno Oklahoma to meet with Escott Aerial Spraying. On our way there, Mike called a distributer of chemical products for DuPont and asked if he had some products on hand that he was going to try to get Escott to use. By making this call Mike was making plans and strategies to be able to serve Escott. I could tell he was strategizing on the way there

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