Experiences In Man's Search For Meaning

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In Viktor Frankl’s, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” he discusses his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp, and how people live through unthinkable tortures. Frankl investigates the psychology of how people attach meaning to life. In the Nazi camps, people are stripped of everything they have, yet somehow many people fight on, even though it appears that they have nothing more for which to live. He details his own experience in a contraction camp, and observes that there are three steps in processing such a horrendous event. The first is the initial shock, the second learning live with it, and finally life afterwords. At the beginning the natural inclination is to react to horrors that one witnesses and experiences, but after time one becomes numb to the things that once produced immense shock or disgust.…show more content…
He finds that people have this ability to hold onto things of value and look forward to experiencing them again sometime in the future. For some people that is family, for some it is experiences, and others it is religion. This innate ability persevere stems from the desire to live to experience these things again, even if it seems that it may not ever happen. The fact that life ends, is what makes it have value and people hold onto this, because within them lies an instinct to live for the enjoyments of life. Man attaches meaning to the fact that life ends and hold onto the things that one derives pleasure from, attaching meaning to that thing. Frankl finds that it is man’s creation of meaning for his life that allows man to endure the worst of
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